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About the Author

Meet Santhi Balaraman, the host behind this cookery website which features vegetarian recipes exclusively - be it day to day or special occasions.

Santhi Balaraman has hosted many popular cookery shows in Tamil channels like Sun TV, Jaya TV & DD, published cook books both in Tamil and English, and writes cookery columns in magazines. She has conducted live cookery quiz in various places. She regularly replies to viewer queries on FM-AIR & DD Podigai.

She believes good food does not necessarily mean expensive and rich food but good food means simple, tasty and nutritious food. A good cook should be able to produce interesting and nutritious meals with minimum expense and time. Ingredients must be selected keeping in mind their nutritional value, economics and easy availability.

Health and happiness is wealth, most people would agree. Good food plays a very important part in this: A well-fed family is likely to be a happy and healthy family also. By making cooking – simple and engaging, she hopes to bring more and more people to the kitchen to provide themselves a healthy and enjoyable meal.

Wishing you all happy cooking, hearty eating and healthy living.

About Cookery

Cookery is both Science and Art. Science as it involves many formulas, measurements, methods, actions and reactions. Art, as it involves new concoctions and beautiful presentations to give a pleasant result which is tasty and healthy.

A good menu is like a good story. It must have a proper balance of dramatic elements, sorted out and arranged in a coherent manner. All elements must be resolved in the end, for unlike some stories,  all meals must have only happy endings.

Indian cooking or for that matter any global cooking is diverse and varied. Each region has its own unique cuisine with its special blends of spices and methods depending on the availability, location, climate and lifestyle. She has taken care to add simple recipes in this site from all over the world modifying the method if need be, and to cover all categories of cuisine: breakfast, lunch, snacks and sweets.